Two movies in two days!! I am not a regular movie viewer and I have began to watch movies only recently(lot of means lot of in my sense and not in any movie addict style). Two movies in two days is really a LOT for me 🙂

Saturday I watched the movie Varanam Ayiram. Probably I would have been in the last batch of people who watched the movie. And Sunday was Ghajini(Hindi). Both at the Sathyam Cinemas and one was with my husband’s colleagues and one was with my colleagues. Wah, such a nice balance 🙂

I liked both the movies. I am not a hardcore film critic either, so I am not going to complain much about it. Both the movies had lot of things in common:

1. Six packs heroes – Surya and Aamir both rock with their performances in the movie. I am sure 90% of the men would have walked out from the theater, with an ambition to enroll themselves in the local gym at the least and build the six packs.

2. Death – The pain of loosing somebody you love. Surya looses her first sight love lady in the bomb blast and turns to be a drug addict, and aamir looses his goodhearted heroine because of the villan. It is such a pain to death even in a movie. It just shows the meaninglessness of life. One day you are all in glory and peak of happiness only to find that all your joy has been washed away by your dearest passing away from this planet. And it was more apparent, when I heard that one of my very good friend’s brother died in a beach drowning incident the same day.

3. Directorial Hits – Both the movies stand out in direction. Ghajini takes the first place in this, because the way the story is said so engulfing. The first part of the flashback through the police, and then second through the medical student, the minute plot details covered so well. Hats off to the director Murugadoss. Vaaranam Aayiram was good too, in the sense that a story with no villans, no revenge, but only the emotions of a son who has a great impact on him of his father. A real good and different effort by Gautham menon.

4. Great Songs – Both the movies have super hit songs and they are so refreshing to see.  Kaise muje tum mill gayi is my favorite in ghajini and nenjukkul peithidum maamazhai and munthinam paarthene in vaaranam aayiram.

I think I should stay away from movies at least for couple of weeks to shed off this effect 🙂