Akhil and I have lots of plans for December and January.

  • Listening to a katcheri
  • Exhibition
  • Circus
  • Chennai Sangamam
  • Book Fair

We went to Nithyasri Mahadevan’s katcheri in music academy during the music season.  That was akhil’s first ever visit to a katcheri. He couldn’t sit more than 20 minutes which was very much understandable and the tiffen at the canteen was good too. The canteen had a speaker which did a wonderful job – vayirrukkum sevikkum ore idathil unavu 🙂

Akhil got hurt a little in his leg and was not able to walk for a week. And I was telling him this list every time and said that you get all right and walk fast, we can go to exhibition, circus, sangamam and book fair. Every time, i miss a event, and he would be sharp to tell the missed event.  Next tick is for chennai sangamam, and akhil went to palavakkam grounds yesterday, and today is the turn for events at besant nagar beach.

Book fair should come on its way by this weekend, followed by exhibition and circus 🙂 Come on, what else can be more exciting for a 3 year old child than hang out at these not to miss seasonal events?