I had been fan of Chennai Sangamam from the time it started, and had a chance to find a place in the grand finale yesterday at the besant nagar beach this year. There was such a huge crowd for the show and the beach since it was kaanum pongal. I could only see a glimpse of sivamani performing on the stage, but it was a real feast to the ears. One hour of great beats in a very nice atmosphere and crowd rocking to his music. It was followed by a firework session for more than 30 minutes. There were programs even after that, but we couldn’t stay for long.

Since yesterday was their closing day, all the food caterers were in one place. Different variety of foods – from dindugal, tiruppur, madurai, kongu naadu etc. We tasted dingugal venu’s karandi omlette with mutton biriyani and kola combo, and one with vegetable omlette, arisi uppuma and corn dosa from kongu naadu and from tirupur were paasiparuppu paniyaaram and wheat dosai and ulundu payasam from herbal food stall. Dindugal and Madurai stalls were also equally crowded for their kothu parotta, chicken and mutton biriyaani’s. Every thing was nice and it is not the one that you get to taste in the normal days.

Very nice initiative by the tamil mayyam people and the organizers of the event. I am sure in the years to come, it could get as famous as the carnatic music season.