One day or the other I think every parent would face this situation of differentiating know and no to their children 🙂

While we were driving to akhil’s school, i was speaking in english and also instructing him to say “I know English” meaning “enakku english theriyum” The instant answer from akhil was that, “Amma, no sollare, hmmm… saapaadu saapidum podhu venaam endru solla thaan no sollanum”

I was caught and cursing the language, I first asked him to clarify the doubt with his aunty in school, then explained him that there are two “no” in english and blah blah…

And even more fun when there are similar sounding words in tamil and english like – when I say Money, akhil says “Mani endraal bell” and when I say “Some more” he repeats – “thayir more”

And his class aunty was telling that, Akhil says “I want susu” and always miss the “want to go to” part of it. 🙂