Fag end of last year, we went on our annual office trip to kerala. I decided to take akhil with me this year, because i thought he has grown up a bit and I can take care of him in a new place too. I was very surprised that akhil was so co-operative and well behaved all through out the trip. It was a group of 20 people, and most of them akhil already knows since he visits my office often.

And his punch dialogues were also entertainment for our gang. One of them asked akhil, “periyavanaana enna panna porre?” and akhil replied – “periyavanaaga porrene.” Do I need to explain the expression of my collegue on hearing this?? (Meaning, what will you do when you grow up older, and the answer was, i will grow up)

His constant question during our train journey was:  “thoonginaa thaan kerala vaarumaa? Naama thoongaamaye kerala pogalaame” (Why should we sleep to reach kerala?) And once he got up, he was asking me, kerala vandhuchaa, and all through the trip he was confirming whether that place was kerala.

Food was not a big problem, he had what ever we we could get. And was so glad to see milk on the second day in our trip. All the things that he would have listened only in his story time – water falls, river ( i had a tough time in explaining what is a river for him in one of our stories), forest, mountains came in reality for him in this trip. He enjoyed the waterfalls, boating, he was so glad that he wore life jacket and was able to ride on a boat – like his idol Dora. Two learnings after the trip are that he is trying to whistle putting his fingers in his mouth and starting to shake his body in tune with the kuthu songs played.

Towards the end of the trip, one of my friend said to akhil – “Tomorrow you will go back to your house and it would be boring without you, how do we meet you here after?” And akhil after a thought said “amaa office ukku vaanga.” It was four days trip and time just flew like anything. We were back to chennai central and went home and the climax was that akhil had starting trouble to mingle with people at home. My mother who was so emotional seeing him after four long days got a big bulb. She was expected a paasa scene that he will run to her and hug her, but what happened in actual was he was quiet and composed and entered the house and started to relate to her only half an hour later.

Here are few of his pictures taken during the trip.

Akhil washing his baniyan in thommanguthu water falls:


Standing for a pose in veega land:


Casual pose in the bus:


Excited look at the sight of water in thommanguthu


Life jacket just like Dora:


Ayyio paavam look: