Seems to be a apt title for Ramani Chandran’s next novel… This time Gautham Menon has taken it as the title for his next venture Starring Simbu and Trisha. But what does this has to do with my blog? The shooting is happening in the house opposite to ours in karpagambal nagar, kottivakkam. The moment I heard of it the instant thought was, “With Simbu?? Gautham why are you taking this risk?”

Advertisements in the paper has simbu and trisha in a decent getup and guess what this time it is A.R Rahman pairing with Gautham, and not his all time favorite – Harris Jayaraj. And they claim it to be a different love story – yet again.

Every day morning 10 to 50 film workers gather for the shooting arrangements. Food gets cooked up in the vacant ground at the end of the road. The stars arrive in latest cars. Weekend they were making arrangements to shoot a song, and the assistents were tieing plastic flowers to every tree in the road. For a scene that could last in the screen for a minute, they were doing hours of work.  Our street has become one of the happening streets with groups of people watching the shooting. Though I do not get a chance to see it, I get a commentary of the scenes shot everyday from my mother. And it seems to be a long schedule for 3 months.

ஒரு சிம்பு படம் பார்க்க வைச்சுடுவாங்க போல இருக்கே… (சிம்புவுக்காக இல்லை என்றாலும் எங்க தெருவிற்க்காகவாவது)