Couple of days back was venkat my husband’s birthday and I had got quite a few gifts for him – A table show piece, coffee mug, horoscope book, a designer diary book, collection of sudoku puzzle and a few more. I also bought a small teddy bear showpiece and a birthday greeting card (son addressing to his father) to be given by akhil.  I had packed them in different gift wrappers and kept them secretly.  I told Akhil, that tomorrow is appa’s birthday and we have some surprise gifts for him. He asked me to show it to him, I said I will show him tomorrow. Once venkat was in the room, akhil promptly and proudly said to him, “Appa we have some surprise gifts for you.” I was glad that I did not show it to him 🙂

Next day morning, we woke up in excitement, and I showed akhil his gift and card. And best part was he thought the gift was for him! I had to explain and convince that it was NOT for him but for venkat and he has to give it. He parted with the gift half hearted. Handing it to venkat, the next moment he said “Appa I will open it for you” and opened the saw the gift first. I made him to scribble some thing on the card and give that too.

I was thinking that I can play a small gift hunt, leave the gifts at secret places and give written hints to find them. When venkat was taking bath, I wrote a hint in the mirror asking him to search in the backyard. I pulled akhil along and kept the gifts under the bush hidden by dry leaves. Akhil was giggling and laughing all along and I asked him not to leak the secret. Once venkat was out from the bathroom, Akhil said in all laughter – “Appa we have hidden a gift for you.” Not even allowing him to look at my hint, he just took him to the backyard. I was shouting,” akhil don’t do that and do not open your mouth.” He just went to the place where we had hidden the gift, took it out and gave it to venkat, saying that this is the gift. Venkat was so happy that he didn’t have to crack his brain to find the gift. Akhil only opened the gift this time too and found it was a horoscope book.

Next we hided the coffemug in the office bag and note in the cupboard. Akhil did his job perfectly, taking his father to the bag, searched the office bag and took the gift and gave it to venkat. I know he was having fun, and hence though I was alerting at him not to do it, was not very strict about it. Venkat left to office and we told him we have more gifts for him in the evening. We ordered a blackforest cake, and bought the decorative musical candle, magic candles  and foam spray. Irrespective of whose birthday it is, Akhil always cuts the cake in our birthday celebrations. So when venkat successfully blew off the magical candles (with lots of support from akhil and my mother) Akhil cut the cake. We gave another present at that time and honoured the occasion.

Then was a full family treat in Karaikudi near my house followed by a walk in the beach to digest every thing we had. We went back home, gave him the last gift – the diary and came to the end of the day. Akhil enjoyed the day thoroughly and felt happy for hiding the gifts and helping venkat to find them. He has been telling now ,”Amma, You will be getting a lot of gifts for my birthday also nah?”