There is only one moment in the children’s time machine and that is “Now.” I have always wondered when akhil was a baby, he would have been playing kicking his hands and legs, but next moment he would be fast asleep. His eyes would close that moment, and there is no trying to sleep. Even now when I say that we are going to do some thing, or go some where, he would ask “ippovaa?” meaning “Now?”. When I said we are going to a trip in the night before we go to sleep, he would ask the same question. The time, place, possibility and feasibility nothing matters for children. What calculations could these little brains have about mondays and sundays, weeks and months? Every day the sun raises, the fun of the starts, and when it goes down, they need to sleep only to start another one like the previous.

Akhil’s doubts about time are many and funny too. Few of his constant questions are,

Ippo naalaikkaa??

Innaikku endraal Naalaikkaa? (specially when I say him we will do something interesting tomorrow, the instant questions is – ippovaa naalaikku?)

Amma Night Eppo varum?

Mathiyaanam thoonginaa thaan night varumaa? Thoongaama irundhaa?

Kaalaiyila innum aagave illai. (when the sun is shining bright above his head)

He starts his day with the question “Innaikku school irukkaa?” probably the first question to distinguish days from one another.