Though I am not a die hard fan of cricket or IPL as such, we do watch few of the matches telecasted in SetMax. Akhil sits with me, and I do explain how the game is played and the scores etc., I said, if the batsman hits a big shot and the ball goes flying to the place where people sit, it is a six. In a short while, the batsman hit a 6, and akhil shouted “sixer ma”. And there was a replay of the same shot many times, and for every ball akhil thought it was another six and was shouting, “sixer ma.” My sister, who was sitting in the room really thought that it was continuous sixers, then got the point…

Another day we were watching a close run-out, and the third umpire was deciding on the result, and throw was telecasted frame by frame, akhil asked me coldly “Enna amma video stuck aagiduchaa?” (meaning has the video got stuck?)