One of venkat’s friend had come down from bangalore – professional photographer who takes nice shots and makes portfolios for people. Venkat wanted to take akhil to him and take some photographs. And thus the plan came up to visit dakshinchitra and take photographs in the nice locations and varied backgrounds. Every thing was ready and we packed a couple of dresses for him and left for dakshinchitra.

Venkat had his first blow when akhil asked innocently, “Appa, I am feeling sleepy, can I sleep?” Venkat said, “no no, we are almost there and it would be only two hours of photo session and after that we can sleep.” Akhil gained his form once we reached dakshinchitra and was just determined that he is not going to pose for any photographs. Coaxing, pleading, requesting, begging, forcing, tempting him with some thing – nothing worked out. He either shut his eyes or kept his hands hiding his face or was not in single place even for a second. The photographer understood the impossibility of the task and could not do much about it.He definitely expected a much cooperative child who would pose where ever he says, brings in expressions upon his requests and cooperate for continious shots. Alas, he was proven wrong totaly.

It was effort in vain but we enjoyed being there and there were a couple of shots taken when he was not aware. Here are two of the nice shots – shot and worked by venkat in editing softwares.