Every Tuesday there is a show and tell activity in akhil’s class.  Each student needs to bring a toy or a book and explain it to the class – meant to improve the communication skill and to open up even in front of a group. Normally I forget the Tuesday and have sent him without the toy for a couple of weeks.

This tuesday happened to be one such day, until akhil all set to go to the school, asked me whether it is show and tell day? I couldn’t follow what he said, and asked “what?”. He explained to me” innaikku toy eduthukkittu poganumaa amma?” Only then i remembered that it was Tuesday and rushed to give him a Wall E toy and sent him to school.

I was surprised how he remembered to take the toy… I am sure he cannot distinguish days. One possible reason could be his teacher reminded him to bring a toy the next day, and i was so happy that he could remember that!!