In Disney channel the cartoon series of Special Agent OSO is telecast in the morning slot – the time when we have breakfast and get ready to go to school. It is a baby show – the special agent teaches the children various things in three steps, like wrapping a gift paper, arranging the tables for dinner, cleaning the garden etc., Every time the task is divided into three steps and doing that with guidance the child learns to know how to complete the task. It comes with a catchy tune and picture clues.

One day we were getting dressed up to go to citicenter and I asked akhil, “What are the three special steps to get dressed up?”

Pat came the reply: “Step 1: Find the kutti jatti, Step 2 – Put the kutti jatti, Step 3 – Go to CitiCenter”

Laughing at his reply, I was wondering, how conveniently he skipped the rest of the steps of wearing the t-shirt and pants but never missed the goal – Going to CitiCenter.