Are you trained to be a parent?

This question might make you lift your eyebrows in a funny way, “Nobody ever gets trained to be a parent?!”  I can hear you asking, but think about it really. Every other art or science has its skills and professional ways of learning them, why not parenting? Why should such an important job be a trial and error based on our individual conditioning?  It is time to ask yourself a million dollar question, “Am I a ‘well-intentioned parent’ or am I a ‘skilled parent?’”A well intentioned parent might in all possibility be making the child a failure in later life.

Are you trained in the know-how to be effective with your child? Do you understand their psychology in the various events they come across in their lives and act accordingly in an effective way? Do you know how to help your children deal with their feelings, how to engage co-operation without punishing, blaming or threatening, or how to encourage autonomy, how to formulate your praise and so on?

If you will ask me this is the most important priority in my life- the knowledge to parent a successful child who is emotionally healthy and intelligent. And to all the parents out there reading this blog I would sincerely say, “Get trained!” it is not what you think it is. There is so much to every situation and every response in this relationship.

In my experience, the best place to be trained as a parent is “ThinkRite educations” a training company in Nungambakkam. Their workshop, “Positive Parenting” is scheduled on 28th February. For more details you could ring up this number: 9003018043

As an earlier participant myself I recommend this highly, in fact I would say compulsory to all parents whose children are less than ten years old. The down to earth, respectful approach of ThinkRite makes relationships with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding. Its fresh insights and suggestions based on child psychology is full of practical and innovative ways to solve common problems and build foundations of lasting relationships. I have seen it work with my child. It brings more co-operation from Akhil than all the yelling and pleading in the world!