One long year has passed since akhil started with his Pre.K.G and yesterday was the progress discussion meeting with his class teachers. The progress report was double side printed a4 sheet with points given under various headings like Eating Habits, Project Work, Language Skills etc.,

A quick glance through the report conveyed that, he was good at every thing [அப்பாடி…]. Good team player, becomes a leader when need arises, very independent child, fast learner, highly expressive in Tamil, needs to improve in English etc. His headmistress said that, he is Pre.K.G entertainer. Always finds a reason to talk and hardly stops and that he fears none in the compound. She said to me “அப்போ அப்போ ஏதாவது சொல்லி மிரட்டி வையுங்களேன்..” He has two class teachers, and always sits with one of them. Even when the other teacher calls him, he gets permission from his teacher and then goes to her. She also said, “எல்லாமே கேட்டுத்தான் பண்ணுவான், ஆனால் நாம வேண்டாம் என்றாலும் பண்ணிடறான்… ” That is a classical Akhil behavior, I knew it myself.

The teachers knew almost everything that is happening in our family – we have fixed a new speaker in the car, his periamma took him to city center, his father got him wall-e and eva dolls etc etc., The end of the report said that he is promoted to L.K.G in the next academic year. When I asked akhil about his promotion, he said in a matter of fact tone: ” சே ஒரு நாள் தெரியாம எல்.கே.ஜி உள்ள போயிட்டேனா, ரொம்ப கொடுமையா இருந்தது. நான் பிரி.கே.ஜி ல தான்பா இருப்பேன்… எல்.கே.ஜி எல்லாம் போக மாட்டேன்”